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• The automaker DE LA LASTRA came up with the need to cheapen the quality Stands own DE LA LASTRA events.

• Today we work only with companies from cosmetics partner of DE LA LASTRA group.

• Whether you're also a partner company.



5,000,000 (five million) DVDs sold.

 Studio with infinite and chroma key background.

• HD Cameras own

• Videographers CLT

• Editors CLT

• Editing Room High-Tech

• Dressing Room

• Beauty Salon with Sinks

• Room for companion with internal view studio.

We have your best image.


• Hairdressers are unsure about career or direction of their values.

• Distributors have any questions because the market is very active and dynamic. We advise according to our experience and know how.

• Manufacturers, outsourced and industriam use our opinions for new products and diversification of marketing.

• You may ask what our opinion about their business, we are available.

Publicity agency

and Marketing

We develop our own multimedia agency to save time and serve you better.

The best thinkers and creative here.

And you where you are?